My First Post!

Hello and thank you for visiting. This is my first official blog! This morning, I was looking at my Twitter feed and saw a link that @Realtors tweeted about the influence of technology on the real estate industry. I found it very fitting to share their article in association with my first official post. Not to mention that I have a lot of trust in the folks over at NAR (National Association of Realtors, not to be confused with gnar- the shorthand of gnarley!) since becoming a Realtor myself. We have seen a shift recently that has led most industry professionals to be active on social media to increase their web presence beyond their personal affairs and interests in the hopes to make themselves more relevant and to show their expertise and knowledge. We have been incredibly fortunate in today's age to have all of these technological resources, which make most of my daily tasks exponentially easier.

Here is the Realtors article. 

I must admit that throughout one of my more ideological phases, I was hesitant to rely too much on technology. I was a bit of a neo-luddite. I'm a big sci-fi fan and though not likely, a robot uprising would be VERY inconvenient for us (only kidding)! However, since becoming overwhelmingly busy most days, I have succumb to the conveniences of technology and I do not regret it. Much of the technologies they discuss in the previous article are probably a bit far off, but it is still a precursor of what may be in store. Trulia and Zillow alone have completely changed the way that people interact with the real estate industry. Granted, public real estate websites can give a buyer or seller less than accurate data as far as true projections go. And I do wish that more visitors of those sites were more aware of this. Maybe the "Trillow" merger will remedy those issues. By any measure, the advent of technological conveniences have made it ten-fold more efficient for a real estate professional to communicate with multiple clients throughout the day and give them the diligence that they deserve and require.

I am more than just a real estate broker. As a real estate investor and business owner, technology helps me a staggering amount. On any given rehab project, I will be creating scopes of work, ordering materials, organizing photos of projects, communicating with inspectors and contractors and doing statistical research to decide what approach to take when selling the property.

So, for an introductory blog post, I think this is a fantastic topic and article to start with! The purpose of this blog is to create a source of pertinent content with the help of article, videos, photos and data to be able to share with my followers on different media platforms. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me! I would be pleased to help!