Thanksgiving Kitchen

I haven't been able to write much lately. I've been incredibly busy with our latest rehab. It's a 6 bedroom, three bathroom monster that comes in around 3,000 sq. ft! Due to the sheer size of our latest project, I've been swamped trying to keep up with the progress that my contractors are making. I also recently moved into a house that will be a rental once I get all of the work done and relax for a while before moving on to the next one. And not surprisingly, I had a pretty substantial drainage issue in my new place that had to be resolved after relocating a washer/dryer. Another house that we own should be coming back onto the market as soon as the current tenants move out and I have an opportunity to do some repairs on the mother-in-law suite there. It has been pretty badly mistreated by one of the tenant's kids. I will write a post about that whole debacle once I have finally reached the resolution. All of these things compounded have had me running behind on all fronts. Luckily, the holidays are upon us and I will be able to unwind with my family for Thanksgiving tomorrow. I am begrudgingly cutting the trip a day short to get back and paint over the weekend. Thankfully, I have a very understanding girlfriend. 

Since Thanksgiving is the Holiday that depends most on the kitchen, I think that this infographic from National Association of Realtors® illustrates very well what matters the most to people in regards to their kitchen. It is obvious that the kitchen is the center of the home and is of vital importance to home buyers. In fact, it's a trade rule that kitchens and bathrooms make or break the sale of a home. And almost half of the people polled focused on the kitchen before undertaking any other project in their new home. 24% of those individuals think that new appliances are the most important feature in kitchens with eat-in-kitchens coming in at a close second. Those are both things that I always try when possible to incorporate into one of our rehabs! 

I wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels!

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