We Pass The Savings On To You

We are one of the area's largest home sellers and can work around your timeline and goals for buying your next home. We have a large inventory of homes ready to sell right now. If we don't currently have what you're looking for, we're confident that we can find it for you. We will work hard to ensure that the buying process is straightforward, fast, and efficient. We will take care of all the paperwork and will work hand in hand with you every step of the way.

All Types of Homes, All Price Ranges

Our large inventory of homes and massive network of sellers ensures that we can find the type of property that each client is looking for. We have rehabs to move-in ready and everything in between to satisfy every type of buyer and their corresponding buying goal and price range.

On Market and MLS Deals

Typically, the most equitable deals come from off-market sellers. However, there are still plenty of deals to be found on the MLS if you know where to look. The President of our company, Troy Franklin Gandee, is also a Realtor and the owner/broker-in-charge of Maven Realty in the Charleston area. If you interest in seeing what is currently available on the MLS or talking to a seasoned broker about the Charleston market, feel free to contact Troy by clicking the button below or by clicking the Troy F Gandee tab on the main menu. Maven Realty can offer a hot sheet and consumer-access portal to the MLS to analyze the current inventory in the Charleston area MLS. Since Troy is a Realtor and investor, his point of view regarding on-market and listed properties is more investor-focused than other agents.

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